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Aangenaam, ik ben Marieke

I am an all-round creative producer, with creative skills, a marketing background, a practical mindset and boundless energy.

I make things happen: festivals, activations, events, hospitality and creative projects. 

My sweetspot is right in the middle of the creative and the operational: orchestrating ideas, resources, people and participants to turn the seed of an idea into reality.

Hire me for: 

  • Event & festival production  

  • Content (creation) and brand management

  • Creative projects such as campaigns and brand activations

  • (Creative) project management

  • Hospitality & location management

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Projects & jobs


De Parade

Summer 2022 ﹒ The Netherlands

In the summer of 2022 I produced and managed the wine bar in all cities of the traveling theater festival, De Parade. 

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Travel agency Charlie's Travels

2016 - 2018 ﹒ Nairobi, Kenya

This travel start-up was a one-man business when I was hired to set up a promotional campaign for Uganda. I ended up staying two years, during which the business grew into a successful travel agency with more than +25 employees. I had a strong part in shaping the marketing team and defining and executing the brand.

Frame 9.jpg

Unseen Nairobi

2018 ﹒ Nairobi, Kenya

I was hired to help set up UNSEEN Nairobi, the first art-house cinema in Nairobi, Kenya. For this project, I conceptualized and designed the brand, created the website, set up the socials, and rolled out an opening strategy including pop-up events.


#onbeperktfeest for HandicapNL

Summer 2022 ﹒ The Netherlands

HandicapNL received a large grant to accomplish their mission: to make Dutch festivals accessible for people with a disability. I joined this project remotely, focussing on producing social content around #onbeperktfeest. 


Bacchus Wine Festival

Summer 2022﹒Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Conceptualized and produced the Chateau Amsterdam stand at Bacchus wine festival. 

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2020 - 2021  ﹒ Amsterdam, Netherlands

Bottel feest was the first event of Chateau during the pandemic. It took all the creativity and inventiveness to design a seated event which was just as - if not more - exciting for the visitors. 

Frame 8.jpg

Piquette d'Amsterdam & Bar Piquette

2021  ﹒ Amsterdam, Netherlands

​Together with Tosti Creative, we set up the strategy to launch this new summer drink. Partnering with de Kromhouthal we gave life to pop-up Bar Piquette. 

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Chateau Amsterdam

2019 - 2022﹒Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Two years of pioneering at it’s finest. I started as the first and only employee, responsible for almost every aspect of the company. From administration and location management, to bottle designs, brand- and content management.

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