project summer 2021


Piquette literally finishes what Chateau Amsterdam started. After making wine, the leftover grape skins are mixed with water and natural sugar and fermented a second time. The result? A fresh and fruity light drink, with a tiny bubble and completely circular. 


Piquette is a refreshing low-in-alcohol drink, made out of the grape skins that are left over after the wine production. Traditionally, Piquette is served in the vineyard after a long hot day of grape picking. In Northern America Piquette is extremely popular. However, in Europe, it's still completely unknown. Together with Tosti Creative, we set up the strategy to launch this product and develop the brand. 

I set up the brand and created the website (design & copy), as well as the social media. To further activate the brand we partnered with De Kromhouthal and Tosti Horeca to set up Bar Piquette.  I was responsible for production, styling, and the overal experience of the Piquette customers.